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Blessing and Light

It’s the Night of Winter Lights.


Heedless of the holiday, the Commander of the H’Aren fortress, Captain Torýn Torhdhar, seems to find his satisfaction in work. Such occurrence hardly surprises his Orderly, Sæbastyn Hyago, even though the young Lieutenant has spent a silent, aching decade wishing his superior officer would pursue pleasure elsewhere—specifically in his arms.


But as the evening continues, nothing about it meets Sæbastyn’s expectations. Will the Lieutenant see his secret desires realised, or his heart shattered?


This alternative winter holiday short, set in the Order Universe, is available FREE as a part of the 2017 Rainbow Advent Calendar.

Blessing and Light is included as a bonus read in the print version of The Mutt.


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Lieutenant Laahn Ĉortez is about to sit down to his well-deserved supper when destiny hits—winged, scaled and more than a little tipsy.

Rago is a fated mates/forced proximity short story from The Order Universe, featuring a puffing dragon shifter and a romp in the fencing hall.


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