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Rainbow Snippet January 13-14


Check out the Rainbow Snippet Group on Facebook! Its members share six sentence snippets from their work each Saturday, so you can read all the little teasers posted there and get some great LGBTQ+ book recs.

This week's snippet comes from The Mutt (Goodreads M/M Romance Nominee for Best Short Story Under 50 Pages), which is the first book in The Order series featuring Elves, archers and assassins.


“What is it now, Morryés? Don’t tell me you put another arrow in someone’s arse from fifty paces just for fun.”

I straightened up with all the dignity I could muster. It’d only happened twice. Once on a dare, and once for a bet. Fun remained beside the point; the matter revolved around honour—that and, well, five silvers.


If that sounds appealing, you can find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend!

A Dark Elf archer. A half-breed assassin. Soldiers. Soulmates. Lovers.


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