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Rainbow Snippet 30 May


WHEN I FIRST SAW RED (Book #2 in the Soldiers and Mercenaries series) is coming in less than a week—after many heart-attack inducing dramas I had to endure but won't list here! LOL

Are the Order Universe readers ready for the diva that is Red?!


RED: Lázhien’s human. A common Imperial soldier. And my soulmate. How could fate get it so wrong? The demon in me craves this bond with every shred of his being. He pushes me to accept it. This time I won’t yield to his demands.

LÁZHIEN: Red’s a lust demon, a whore and a stuck-up snob. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Pain in the arse. And he hates my guts. I’d be an idiot to pursue him. Yet something about him compels me to make him mine.

A tug-of war between Choice and Fate won by LOVE!

When I First Saw Red is a complete and standalone short novel with an HEA ending, featuring a couple of reluctant fated soulmates—a demon and a human—trying and failing to defy destiny.



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Rainbow Snippet:

“QUIT TOUCHING HIM,” I growled through clenched teeth, hardly recognising the low, menacing sound that escaped my throat as my own voice.

It shocked everybody into a start. All three heads whipped round towards me. The men, in particular, looked about ready to part with clean undergarments. They backed away a step, fixing me with wide and unblinking stares, their mouths agape.

Incapable of keeping my distance any longer, I leapt to the other side of the bed, eased down onto the mattress and gathered Red’s lean form to me as gingerly as if I were handling glass.