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Rainbow Snippet January 27-28


Check out the Rainbow Snippet Group on Facebook! Its members share six sentence snippets from their work each Saturday, so you can read all the little teasers posted there and get some great LGBTQ+ book recs.

This week's snippet comes from my fantasy novelette

The Poison Within.

It's the first book in Inspector Skaer series, which features an aristocrat who craves a firm hand in the bedroom and a commoner happy to lend it. There's murder (or three) and miscellaneous creatures.


Phlegmatic and unflappable, Sergeant Daag had been called ‘Temper’ for years by everyone, including his own mother. He wasn’t quite as broad and tall as me, but he didn’t lag far behind. I trusted him more than I would my brothers. Which took little effort since my brothers were mean bastards.

“I’m sorry, Käyru,” he said the instant I opened the door, “but we need to go. We’ve got three bodies at the Bold Cock Inn. And it ain’t pretty.”


If that sounds appealing, you can find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend!

A Dark Elf archer. A half-breed assassin. Soldiers. Soulmates. Lovers.


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