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Rainbow Snippet February 3-4


Members of the Rainbow Snippet Group on Facebook share six sentence snippets from their work (either published or in progress) every Saturday.

Visit the group to read other little teasers and get some great LGBTQ+ book recs!

This week I'm going to cheat. My snippet—which comes from my WIP titled When I First Saw Red—is nine sentences long. Uuuuu. I feel like such a rebel.

This story features a Sergeant serving in the Imperial Forces and a mixed-race redheaded whore. It was originally written for Boy Meets Boy Reviews to celebrate their anniversary (as a piece of flash fiction inspired by a picture prompt.)

Somehow, I got roped into continuing with the story... *blinks*


The slam of his door felt very much like a slap to my face.

I flinched.

The man was a half-naked whore who earned his living on his knees and elbows. He’d just serviced not one, but two clients. The stickiness of sex, the ripe smell of it, must’ve still lingered on his skin. Yet it was I, the Sergeant with the Imperial Forces, who’d ended up appraised like a stud at a cattle market. One who didn’t quite make the cut, to cap it all. And he’d tossed his ridiculous hair at me, for fuck’s sake. A mix of rage and want lined my gut.


The first chapter of When I first Saw Red is available FREE on my website to read at your leisure.

The rest should be coming this spring!

My other fantasy stories can be found on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!


A Dark Elf archer. A half-breed assassin. Soldiers. Soulmates. Lovers.


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