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Rainbow Snippet February 10-11


Did you know that members of the Rainbow Snippet Group on Facebook share six sentence snippets from their work every Saturday?

Visit the group to read those little teasers and get some great LGBTQ+ book recs!

This week, I'm snipping from my alternative winter holiday short story titled Blessing and Light.

Hey, it's still brass monkey weather here in London, so it seems appropriate.

This Order Universe story, which can be read as standalone, was written for the Rainbow Advent Calendar event on Facebook and in support of Stonewall—an organisation that promotes equality and fights prejudice in the UK.


It’s the Night of Winter Lights.

Heedless of the holiday, the Commander of the H’Aren fortress, Captain Torýn Torhdhar, seems to find his satisfaction in work. Such occurrence hardly surprises his Orderly, Sæbastyn Hyago, even though the young Lieutenant has spent a silent, aching decade wishing his superior officer would pursue pleasure elsewhere—specifically in his arms. But as the evening continues, nothing about it meets Sæbastyn’s expectations. Will the Lieutenant see his secret desires realised, or his heart shattered?


Behind the desk, bent over what I knew to be a pile of endless orders, reports, inventory lists and complaints against military requisition, sat the Commander of the H’Aren Fortress.

Captain Torýn Torhdhar.

The man who once saved me from under the whipping post. The man who took me in, an illiterate peasant boy, my back scarred and spirit broken. The man who made a soldier out of me and gave me the only family I’d ever known—the army.

The man I had secretly loved for ten years.


Blessing and Light is still available FREE.

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Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend!


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