Rainbow Snippet March 10-11


Today, I'm snipping from my unedited WIP, yet to be titled. Busy with other projects, I've neglected it lately (shame on me). It's a cougar shifter story, set in my Order Universe. I can't wait to write more of this MC!

This snippet describes the first time my shifter experiences de’Shio (the Pull). Yup, I do love the Fated Mates trope.

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The next thing I knew, my scrotum tightened around my balls, and my dick, much like an iron rod, strained towards my stomach in one violent motion. Lightheaded, I hissed at the achy pressure that flooded my groin and lower abdomen, setting my senses ablaze.

All at once, a feeling of undefined longing washed over me, so powerful it left me rigid with breathlessness. A second later, an image of large, brown eyes—gentle and framed with ridiculous lashes—saturated my brain. Unable to contemplate the meaning of it all, I barely ghosted my thumb over the head of my cock before a sticky explosion painted my chest white.

Well, fuck.


Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!

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